Piccola W.I.P.


The new PICCOLA WIP was designed to provide a comprehensive and compact solution for the development of new products that require isolation and security to protect the operator (HPAPI).

Its comprehensive design provides a complete solution in a single piece of equipment, thanks to the combination of its insulation system and its WIP (Wash-In-Place) washing system..

The isolation system (Containment) has HEPA filters at the inlet and outlet, OEL < 1 μ gr / m³, air quality in the chamber class 8 (ISO 14644-7). Inflatable weatherstrip system and safe filter change (BIBO)..

The washing system (WIP) allows neutralizing/cleaning with a chemical agent, rinsing with water and sweeping with air, both in automatic mode through 3 spray-balls and in manual mode through the washing gun..

Thanks to its integral design, the complete equipment: Compressor, Isolation System and Washing are controlled by a single system and interface..

With a compression force of 60kN, this rotary press produces a maximum of 60,000 tablets per hour.


  • Research & Development
  • WIP System
  • External control module.
  • New Software


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