Mag Stearate Dosifier


The purpose of this accessory is lubrication by applying magnesium stearate on each tool (punches and dies) in a rotary tablet press during the compression process, allowing to save up to 90 % of the lubricant in the granulate mixture, avoid unpleasant effects in the dissolution of water-solvent tablets (e.g., effervescent tablets), and increase tablet hardness with a lower compression force.

The system is mainly formed by a vessel, a distribution plate and the pneumatic accessories. The function of the vessel is to contain the magnesium stearate, which will later on be distributed through the hoses to the outlet deflector. Stearate is applied on the tip of the lower punch and inside the die bore at the same time the tip of the upper punch is lubricated. The equipment has a 3" colour touch screen easy to use to operate and monitor the different statuses, and to analyse the alarms with their possible troubleshooting.

Also, the pneumatic circuit is a sanitary circuit; it includes a disposable filter and two outlet connections, and it is designed to meet GMP standards. The surface is treated with hard chrome and AISI 316 stainless steel.


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